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Active Caring is a charitable organisation that focuses on the needs of children with a serious ilness, such as Cancer, Leukaemia, and A.I.D.S. Thankfully the number of children with such ilnesses in Donegal, is small, but they present nevertheless. These ilnesses have a broad spectrum of severity and impact, from the initial acute stage, to remission, to relapse, to chronic, to the terminal/palliative stage.With children, many of these stages are managed at home, as it is very rare for a child to be admitted to an Adult Hospice.The aim of Active Caring, is to support either the child, the family or the service provider.With the child and family, it may be practical support with areas such as equipment, home help for parents when the child is in Hospital, or whatever. For the service providers, it may be a piece of Medical Equipment, for which there is no public funding elsewhere.The role of Active Caring is not to take over the obligation of the HSE, but to supplement it, to make the life of child and family a little more bearable/comfortable.It also has a role in promoting an understanding & engagement among children with life threatening ilnesses.

Active Caring has an equal focus on a Hospice for the terminally ill in Africa, hence our support for Leratong Hospice. An annual financial contribution will assist with the provision of medicines, pain relief, IV sets, infusion pumps, dressing packs, etc.The focus on Leratong is in assisting with the provision of the basic frontline services.

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